I have always wanted to create a food blog. I love food. I love to recommend places to eat. It’s fun to talk about and it’s helpful. One may also avoid a rip off too!

Maltese girl, coming from the little island in the Mediterranean called Malta. Us Maltese love to eat and we love to eat out too. It’s part of our culture. We tend to celebrate with food. It’s someone’s birthday? Go out to dinner. Someone passed an exam? Go out and celebrate with food! Basically, we try to include food in anything we do.

I’m pretty sure that many places in the world do this too and i’m also pretty sure that there are many food blogs out there but creating this blog is also helping me to keep a log of all the places that I’ve enjoyed dining at.

Dear reader, I do hope that you will enjoy my blog and leave comments or questions. I would be very happy to help out in any way that I can!



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