The new cool snack bar

Danny’s at Qormi is one of a kind. It’s too modern and ‘hip’ to be called a snack bar. This ‘snack bar’ is located at Qormi’s industrial estate, in a very busy bypass. But if you want to relax a little in such a cool place, either during your lunch break or during a busy Saturday morning while running errands, Danny’s is the place to try out.

The staff  is young and energetic, really friendly and charismatic.

I like Danny’s as they offer a variety of foods, perhaps a little unusual too (from what an ordinary snack bar may offer) and the healthy options are delicious and reasonably priced. Another plus is that while you’re there, the kitchen is on full display, thus, the place is always kept clean.

In conclusion, I’ve never been to a Qormi snack bar where you get silver service-like treatment. Modern in style is the way to go!

Oh, and the homemade ice tea is heavenly too!


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