To Honour Our Day!

Happy Women’s Day to every woman out there!

Busy Bee, my favourite cafeteria, decided to honour us women by offering a lovely selection of fancy nibbles and cakes! It was their first time in doing such a thing. It was lovely and sweet! This afternoon selection was vast, including parma ham sandwiches, egg and mayo sandwiches, salmon croissants…and the desserts, which was probably the best part!

This cafeteria is famous over here in Malta. It has been around for many years and its good a solid good reputation. In my opinion it is one of the best places to eat at. They are legit huge as they offer outside catering for various occasions including weddings. You can never ever go wrong if you choose Busy Bee.

The new place that has opened up at Mriehel is God-sent. It’s modern and the display is huge. You may have to wait a little while as it tends to be full up, especially during weekends. However, if you would like to go to a traditional Maltese cafeteria, I would suggest for you to go to the one at Msida. Parking may be a bit of a problem unlike at Mriehel.

Nevertheless, once you settle in at either place, you’re in for the best treat ever!





But if you want to club a little, darling, do it in style.

There are many cocktail places and most are really good. But, The Thirsty Barber has got mad skills when it comes to cocktail making. This is the topnotch place for cocktails. They are pricey yes, but you have to go at least once in your life when in Malta AND in Paceville.

If you want to dance to jazz music or pleasantly listen to live music, why not do it with a stylish drink in hand?

Cheers, hun!


Give me the burgers & pancakes, not clubbing

The title says all. One cannot go to Paceville to simply get wasted and dance the night away. Oh no. Well, Paceville these days is filled with gentlemen’s clubs and very little discos, most – have sadly closed down.

So, Shoreditch is a godsent – well, if you’re a foodie anyway. This burger place is situated right in the heart of Paceville in Malta. The two disadvantages that this place has got are 1) It’s a small place for the volume of people who want to dine there. 2) They do not take any reservations if you’re a couple. I suppose, it’s for obvious reasons since the place is a little small. One time, I heard that they will be expanding the joint but so far, nothing has been done. -fingerscrossed- Someday, perhaps they will!

The burgers are MASSIVE and to DIE FOR & everything is homemade. They also offer breakfast, and the eggs benedict is super delicious.

But let’s also talk about the pancakes. YUM. Plenty of variety to choose from, from M&Ms, Kinder, Red Velvet…the chef likes to experiment with the food and desserts. Thus, they are definitely made from the heart!

The staff is super nice. Once, I had gone during the afternoon, and thankfully I found a table. But since I was on my own, the waiter asked me politely to move three times from table to table. When it was time for dessert, to my surprise, I got it on the house for being understanding. I did not mind at all, as long as I was there eating my burger and my pancake, all was well!

Make sure to visit Shoreditch when in the area. If you are sad, stuff your face with a burger and a pancake not with alcohol. Trust me, you will not regret it! 😉


Shivas vs Maharaja

…I could have put ‘and’ instead of ‘vs’ cause ‘vs’ may connote that I want to make the two fight. Not really. It’s more of a comparison type of thing.

The two restaurants both offer Indian food. I do think that Maharaja is probably more authentic than Shivas. While google suggests that Shivas is good for kids and it’s a casual restaurant, somehow, I beg to differ. I’ve been to this restaurant on my own and also with someone. Shivas can be price-y and compared to Maharaja, it definitely is.

Maharaja represents a cheap eat place in Gzira, across Manoel Island, in a ‘homey and cheapy’ setting – but very value for money. The abundance of the food and the quality of the food is great.

While, Shivas represents a somewhat poshy place – probably cause it’s found in the heart of St Julians, across The Westin Dragonara hotel.

Both places are good Indian places, if not the best, in my opinion.

& now i’m craving Indian (badly!)


Carolina’s Petit Cafe

This lovely chic little place is situated in Lija, Malta. It’s a few minutes drive from where I live so I like going to this place if I want to have coffee or afternoon tea in style and in a quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle. It’s a relatively new place, close to Lija’s church (central).

The desserts and milkshakes are super yummy! And everything is homemade, from the cakes to the food too. Ideal to go with a friend who you haven’t seen in ages to catch up and take a selfie with a piece of cake or a cupcake in view -winkwink-.

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