Starbucks and Malta in the same sentence!

Flash news! Starbucks opens an outlet in Malta! Whaaaat?! Yep! Many Maltesers were rooting for such thing to happen and we finally got it.

Now we don’t have to go to foreign cities to take a picture with a Starbucks cup in hand or a selfie or a whole photoshoot posing with the cup. (Haha!)

Now one can visit the Valletta cafeteria found at the Valletta Waterfront.

So now, just before one can board a ship can stop for a Starbucks coffee or frappe. Then go right ahead boarding all hip and cool with a cup.

Starbucks is kinda a big deal for Maltesers. Today was the first day and the queue was INSANE. I’m pretty sure I spent half an hour to order and get my Caramel Frappuchino. But, I got it and I loved it! Sat outside overlooking the beauty of our Waterfront. It’s definitely a sight to enjoy while enjoying a Starbucks drink!

Starbucks in Malta verdict:

Atmosphere: as said, great outside and so is inside! When the hype cools down,I sure it will ensure a relaxing environment.

Price: Surprised that for a Starbucks it’s not that expensive. But it’s not somewhere I would go for coffee everyday.

Nevertheless, it was nice to enjoy the hype. I was one of the people who was rooting for an outlet here.

Stay hydrated!




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