Sushi Timeeee!

Okurama, is hands down the best sushi place, in my humble opinion. Ever. It’s in St Julians and there’s actually two places, one is called International Taste and it’s a bit more on the posh side (the ambiance of the place). I’ve been to both places and I cannot decide which one is better. There are slight difference in the menu but they are both great. The only thing that I did not really enjoy is the main dishes, or at least it could have been my poor choice. But the sushi is really good. It’s not chunky, it’s not too sticky and it’s properly made and presented, which, in my opinion, when it comes to sushi – that is a must.

It’s also not too expensive when it comes to going out for good quality sushi in the island. Make sure how much you want to stuff your face with sushi as the buffet may get you in a tricky situation. Do not order too much sushi if you know you cannot eat it all as you would have to pay for the pieces which you did not eat. I agree with this. Why waste sushi? Thousands, if not millions or billions of people are starving to death and you are wasting food? Tsk tsk. Good on you, Okurama.

Sometimes opting for the al a carte option is better than the buffet – money wise. But again, it all depends on how much you can eat.

I’ve been to this place a million times now and I’ve gone to other sushi places, but this is definitely my favourite.


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