Peggy Porschen

I’ve been in London countless times. To my astonishment I had never ever heard of this lovely chic place. It’s close to London Victoria Station, in a quiet side street.

The exterior of the place is love at first sight. Really and truly, there’s a heart outside and the word ‘love’ is also on display with flowers around it. *so cute*!

Inside the place is just as lovely as the outside. It’s quite cosy and if you go during the afternoon, you may have to wait in line to get in as its rather popular. Well, no wonder! As I’ve said, the exterior makes you want to visit the place and see what it is all about. It is indeed intriguing. Also, if you simply search the hashtag of the place on instagram, you’ll see exactly my point. The place is an instagram-fest!

The hot chocolate is warm and makes you fuzzy on the inside. Especially if you had to wait a while to get a table.

But the muffins, well, they are instagram worthy but the taste is just fine, in my humble opinion.

Nevertheless, it is a place that one should go to, I mean, you will feel like you’re in Paris while in London. How cool is that?! Right?!

And plus, its a little refreshing having a hot chocolate picture that’s not of Starbucks. 😉





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  1. Thank you for sharing your discovery. I also travel to London frequently ( my husband is British) and I’m always adding new places to try to my list. I’ve not yet been to Paris, but I will take a taste of it while in London!

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