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Karak is an exclusive restaurant in the heart of Valencia, Spain. The menu changes every day. You have to reserve a place in order to get into this gem. To my astonishment, the establishment called me in the morning to ask whether I am allergic to certain foods. I thought that it was rather nice, no restaurant that I’ve reserved a place before asked this, let along call to make sure of it!

This place offers a selection of foods and as you can see, the attention to detail matters, big time. A waiter is assigned with you to explain what you will be eating and which beverage goes with the food served. Everything is fresh and attentive. One may think that it’s weird to mix certain ingredients together, but trust me, the chefs know exactly what they are doing to give you the best culinary experience.

Highly recommended and for an exclusive place, it is not highly expensive. (€55 per person excluding beverages)

In my personal opinion, Karak is a place where I will always remember for eating an extensive variety of food. I can say that it’s a never before experience, in terms of restaurants that I have been to. When in Valencia, I highly suggest for you, dear reader, to visit!



Mgarr United Bar & Restaurant

42197995_10218049524766582_1137936810387701760_nThis a local one! It’s located in the north of the Island. If you go to Mgarr, chances are that you will end up eating typical homemade food. For starters, the portions are massive and  the food tastes exactly to that cooked in a typical Maltese household.

Mgarr United Bar & Restaurant may slightly differ from the presentation of their plates. In other restaurants where Maltese food is served tend to lack a bit of presentation, however United makes sure to present their plates in a very sophisticated yet house-y way.

The cocktails are great too! They all include fresh fruit. In summer, you’d appreciate a cold drink like it.

The Bar and Restaurant is located just after the Mgarr Parish Church, right at the corner. You will not miss it!

Highly recommended to try out fresh Maltese dishes, for a work dinner or just a night out with the family. Yes, this place is also child friendly.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to continue eating some horse meat  – it’s the best. The cooking of the meat is so tender and fresh! Bye!


Bam Bar!

One cannot simply go to Taormina and not have a granita at Bam Bar. Personally, it’s one of my favourite places to go when in Taormina and the granita is simply the best!

The brioche that is severed with the semi-frozen desert is just as good. It’s not soggy, but a really fresh product. At first, I found it odd, being served a brioche and a granita at the same time but in reality it’s simply tasty! And also, I believe that it’s a Sicilian tradition.

I highly recommend this little Granita place in the narrow streets of Taormina. It’s in a side street and I had to find it on google maps, but it’s not so far from when you enter the village from the main gate.

The place is ‘an attraction’ in itself. The tables and the place are colourful. To put it simply, it’s not an average place. It’s welcoming and the staff are nice too.

It’s calmer in Winter time but in Summer, you’d be lucky if you get a table quickly. Usually you have to wait for a few minutes. It is worth the wait though!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Food and eating are an important aspect to one’s life journey. Well, I can speak for myself, it definitely is.

It’s not about what one likes to eat, it’s just an experience altogether. The places that we look for to eat out plays an important part on this experience.

Therefore, I will be recommending places as well as the food that they offer.

I hope that you will find my blog to be of help whenever you go out to dine!

Much love,


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