One can not go to Bali and not eat Lobsters!

Lobsters + Bali = YUMMY!

It had to be Bali for me to eat lobster. It was the last night in Bali and I wanted to treat myself. I had seen a lot of lobsters around but I wanted to be careful where I would eat it.

I chose to eat at the hotel where I was staying, at the Ayodya Resort in Nusa Dua. The hotel is seriously like a huge palace. Its the most beautiful resort and hotel I have ever stayed in (besides the Jungle Resort too, of course).

Back to the lobster excitement – I really enjoyed it. The hotel’s outdoor restaurant, called, Ayodya Beach Club and  Grill has got a great selection of food and drinks and all is relatively reasonably priced if you consider the fact that you are eating at a resort with a beach view and great atmosphere all around.

The lobster was part of the platter cause the whole platter consisted of other seafood – crab, mussels and calamari – and some bbq-ed corn too!

Its been a week since I got back home from Bali. I miss it every day. Going to Bali has been a dream come true.

Stay tuned for more food and Bali!

Till the next time,




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